ChatGPT: Unlocking the Possibilities of Conversational AI

ChatGPT: Optimizing language models for dialogue

GPT Chat is an OpenAI-trained large language model that helps users generate human-like texts based on input. It can help with many tasks such as answering questions and providing explanations. It is designed to produce natural-sounding texts, and it constantly learns and improves. It can process and generate large amounts of text, making it an extremely powerful tool for the processing and generation of natural language. The ultimate goal of the project is to make natural language interaction with computers easier.

Give it a try:

GPT Chat was asked to rewrite a piece of content…

We have trained a model that interacts in conversational style. This dialogue format allows for the model to admit mistakes, reject inappropriate requests, and answer questions. It is a sister model to InstructGPT which is trained to provide a detailed answer to a prompt.

We are eager to introduce the to learn from users about its strengths, weaknesses and feedback. During the preview period, you can use for free. is the place to try it.



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