Can AI Succeed in Winning Denmark’s General Election in 2023? The Synthetic Party Vows to Try

A party based on AI promises to win the Danish general elections in 2023. Can it succeed?

A Danish art collective wants to bring a candidate supported by AI into the Danish Parliament in 2023. One day, could we have a candidate who is a virtual one?

It’s probably time to admit, with all the political animosity that is a part and parcel of our daily lives, that humans are not the best at forming agreements. Egos and emotions are often more important than rationality when it comes to making political decisions. The creators of The Synthetic Party (the world’s first AI based political party) think that artificial intelligence could do a much better job. The party hopes to have an AI candidate running in the general elections in Denmark in 2023.

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The party also wants to see an 18th Sustainable Development Goal added by the UN, which would allow humans and algorithms to coexist.


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