Alphabet X Graduates Robotic Agtech Firm Mineral

Alphabet X graduates robotic agtech firm Mineral
Mineral, which made its public debut in 2012, is now its own Alphabet Company. The team, formerly called the \”Computational Agriculture Project\”, just graduated from the X moonshot labs.

Mineral, the Alphabet moonshot factory’s technology incubator, has been a Mineral company for five years. According to a blog by CEO Elliott Grant, Mineral now belongs to Alphabet. \”Our mission is helping scale sustainable agriculture. This is done by creating a platform that helps gather, organize and understand information never before known or understood about the plant kingdom — and then make it useful and practical.

Alphabet is growing its robotics division organically, after years of trying to do so largely by acquisition. Mineral is the third Alphabet company to grow from X, following Everyday Robots and Intrinsic.


Alphabet X graduates robotic agtech firm Mineral

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