AI-Powered Supply Chain Solutions: A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Planning for Disruption

Artificial intelligence is used by startups to disrupt supply chains

Artificial intelligence, along with other cutting-edge technologies and innovations, has created a multibillion dollar industry.

LONDON, MAY 3 (Reuters), — In the past two years, a series unexpected events have thrown global supply chains into chaos. Coronavirus, the war in Ukraine and Brexit, as well as a container ship stuck in the Suez Canal, have all combined to cause delays in deliveries of bicycles, pet food, and other goods.

A growing number of established and startup logistics companies have created a multibillion-dollar industry that uses the latest technology to minimize disruptions.

Interos Inc., Fero Labs. KlearNow Corp. and others use artificial intelligence, cutting-edge tools and other innovative technologies to help manufacturers and customers react faster to supplier delays, monitor the availability of raw materials and navigate through the bureaucratic maze that is cross-border trading.


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