AI Master of Diplomacy: CICERO Wins at the Game of Negotiation and Cooperation

Artificial Intelligence Agent Wins at Diplomacy

CICERO, an artificial intelligence agent (AI), has mastered Diplomacy online. According to a study published in Science today (November 22, 2018) by the Meta Fundamental AI Research Diplomacy Team, CICERO has mastered the online board game Diplomacy.

AI is already successful in playing games such as chess and Go, which can be taught by self-playing. But games such as Diplomacy that require cooperation, natural language negotiation and competition among multiple players have proven difficult.

FAIR’s new agent is capable of mimicking natural language but also analyses the goals, beliefs and intentions of human players. The researchers claim that the agent uses this information to create a plan that takes into account both aligned interests and competing ones, and then communicates that plan using natural language.


Artificial Intelligence Agent Is a Winner at (the Game of) Diplomacy

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