Accurate Predictions of the 21st Century: Examining Sci-Fi Movies of the Past

Five predictions from old sci-fi movies about the 21st century that actually came true

In the 21st Century, science and technology have made incredible advances. We are now more connected than ever before, thanks to the advanced technology. Science fiction in the 20th century and 21st century has tried to predict how far technology would advance and what its consequences would be.

Many old sci-fi films included stereotypes about the 21st Century, which turned out to be incorrect. In retrospect, it’s probably a bit optimistic to think that we would have flying cars by the end of 1990s, or that lifelike androids would be running around in the 2000s. Some movies were accurate or predicted technology that we didn’t have until later. Sci-fi movies have inspired people to create new inventions, as they wanted to replicate what they had seen on TV. Here are some predictions made in older sci-fi films that have proven to be accurate.


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