A Tribute to Kraftwerk’s ‘The Robots’: Dmitriy N’Elpin & Inesa Shaurouskaya Cover

KRAFTWERK – \”The Robots\”, Dmitriy N’ELPIN & INESA SHAUROUSKAYA. (Cover tribute).
General Information — https://neane.ru/rus/3/member/dmitriy…Dmitriy

Dmitriy N’Elpin – arrangement, synthesizers, drums, vocals, vocals — vocoder, mastering.
Inesa Shaurouskaya – synthesizers, vocals — vocoder, special effects.
Andrey Grozovskiy – video editing.

Dmitriy N’Elpin – https://www.facebook.com/dmitriy.nelpin.
Inesa Shaurouskaya – https://www.facebook.com/inesa.shaurouskaya.
Andrey Grozovskiy – https://www.facebook.com/andrey.grozovskiy.
Fan club — https://www.facebook.com/groups/240334858090267/?ref=share&mibextid=l066kq.

Ofitsial’nyi sait gruppy KRAFTWERK — https://kraftwerk.com/


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