A Conversation Beyond the Grave: Hologram Technology Enables Holocaust Campaigner to Connect with Mourners at Her Own Funeral

Hologram technology allows woman to answer questions at her own funeral

A chatbot powered by AI allowed a woman to answer questions at her funeral from beyond the grave. In a morbid, but futuristic tribute, mourners were able to explore her fascinating life. According to her son Stephen Smith who runs a \”holographic video conversation experiences\” company, the technology was provided to Marina Smith MBE by her son. This allowed Holocaust activist Marina Smith MBE \”to be present, in a way\”, reports The Telegraph.

Mrs Smith died in June this year. Her funeral took place in Nottinghamshire in the UK shortly afterwards. Her family wanted to carry on her meaningful work of educating others about the Holocaust after she died. The holographic experience at her funeral was a way for them to do that.

StoryFile is an AI conversational robot that creates a digital holographic copy of the subject using 20 different cameras. The experience was powered entirely by AI but the answers to the questions were Mrs Smith’s words.


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